Create Smarter

Performance Focused

For decades, we have been developing solutions that have environmental and sustainable benefits – lower emissions, better energy efficiency, greater durability, recyclability, lower societal impacts and more. Today, we take that one step further by intentionally designing for sustainability as part of our processes and mindset to enable responsible consumption and efficient production. We are committed to advancing industrial systems and processes by improving product circularity, engineering with the goal of decreasing waste and increasing product lifecycle – this is how we Create Smarter.

Lubrizol manufactures world class CPVC compounds which deliver the highest performance, ease manufacturing challenges, and deliver end products that address unmet market needs. The products and solutions are sustainable, durable, and outlive traditional systems thus improving circularity. These end products have delivered exponential, sustainable and profitable growth to our customers who have adopted our brand.  Our partners vouch for our quality and reliability and the markets vouch for our brands making us the most desired partners for companies around the world.

Delivering reliability & Performance:  Enabling others to Create Smarter

As the inventors and innovators of CPVC Technology with over 60+ years of experience, Lubrizol has mastered the art and supplies high performance compounds which are unparalleled in the industry.

Lubrizol has a global footprint in CPVC with state of art plants producing CPVC resin and compounds.  As the world's largest CPVC manufacturer, Lubrizol has an unpreceded record of delivering on time and providing the highest quality materials.

Lubrizol's branded model is unique and provides a comprehensive program to its customers. Starting from market insights, equipment selection, quality control programs, manufacturing guidelines, and training to support in market demand creation. Lubrizol supports its customers at all levels.

Lubrizol’s team works with local code agencies to ensure that the right specifications are incorporated, and quality products are delivered to the markets. With Lubrizol’s global presence the teams have worked with local code agencies and today CPVC has been included into the standards of all developed countries.

Lubrizol technical teams work with customers to ensure optimal performance. Lubrizol compounds run fast, long and have low waste produced. The quality of the end products meets and exceeds codes and standards requirements while fulfilling the end customers’ needs.

Lubrizol offers a unique business model that builds the required confidence as end products are co-branded with Lubrizol brands. Lubrizol works within the market to create awareness, trains installers, and addresses issues to ensure a satisfied installed base around the world.

Lubrizol stays connected to their customers and markets to find and create solutions with the intent of replacing conventional or traditional solutions to have a better sustainability quotient.  Our piping brands FlowGuard® Plumbing Systems (replace conventional metal piping),  BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems (replace metal piping for Sprinklers) and Corzan® Material and Piping Solutions (replace metal piping in corrosive industrial processes) are proven examples of replacing conventional materials by performance focused products and CREATING SMARTER Solutions for the marketplace.