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CPVC Benefits and Usages

TempRite® CPVC – A durable and safe material

The combination of properties of TempRite® CPVC is the reason it is often selected for long service-life applications. These properties include:

Resistance to corrosion and chemical attack. CPVC often replaces metals to provide longer service-life in handling corrosive materials such as aggressive water, mineral acids, caustics, and other solutions. As a result, Corzan® CPVC Industrial Systems improve the safety and performance of many industrial applications.

High purity. Lubrizol CPVC (including FlowGuard®, BlazeMaster®, and Corzan® CPVC) is approved for potable water applications worldwide by several organizations.

Potable Water Approvals

USA: NSF International

Germany: Deutscher Verein des Gas-und Wasserfaches (DVGW)

UK: Water Research Council (WRC)

Canada: Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Holland: Keuringsinstituut voor Waterleidingartikelen (KIWA)

These approvals are based on extraction studies which have verified that compound ingredients do not migrate at levels that would be considered unsafe by local standards.

TempRite CPVC piping systems help in caring for environment:

  • Light weight and long lasting with a 50+ years of designed life.
  • Easy to install and no maintenance. Can be installed with no electricity.
  • Light weight means lower transportation energy and impact.
  • Self-insulating properties reduce cost of insulation.
  • Robust joining solutions with high pressure bearing capabilities.
  • Does not contaminate quality of water supporting clean water supply to homes.

CPVC Safety

Bacterial growth in water handling systems

Bacteria are encountered in nearly all situations where there is exposure to the natural environment or where water is handled. Products manufactured from TempRite® CPVC have extremely smooth surfaces and thus provide few places for bacteria to attach and multiply. Several studies of piping materials in water service have shown that CPVC supports the lowest bacterial growth of all the materials tested including steel, copper and polyethylene.

In one comparison with CPVC, bacterial growth buildup was twice as heavy with stainless steel, six times as heavy with copper, and 45 times as heavy with polyethylene. Another study with CPVC piping showed 20 times as much bacterial with copper and 30 times more with carbon steel.