Charting the Course

At Lubrizol sustainability plays a vital role and our TempRite® CPVC business is a great example of Lubrizol’s commitment to sustainability and protecting Planet earth.

As inventors and innovators of CPVC, Lubrizol has cared for sustainability at every step from its invention to it's acceptance and usage around the world. We work as partners to our customers through our Branded model wherein we not only supply world class CPVC compounds but help our customers build long term sustainable business. Our team is committed to ensure safety for all, embrace diversity and foster positive engagement with our commercial and community partners. 

The TempRite® CPVC Sustainability Plan:

Lubrizol TempRite works on a holistic approach towards a sustainable future. Our sustainability plan is driven by Lubrizol’s core philosophy of Caring for the Environment, Create Smart and Live Better and  is inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our endeavor is to improve year after year & lower the impact on the environment resulting in a positive impact on the users.  We do this by leveraging Lubrizol’s experience and legendary scientific expertise in this domain. We believe that our best resources – our people and our products to be your complete sustainability partner. Lubrizol's TempRite compounds provide unmatched benefits to our customers, who in turn produce sustainable products. These products give our customers a competitive edge and their customers a fulfilling experience.

Explore our approach on sustainability which is based on the following pillars:

Caring for Environment

Lubrizol strives to minimize our footprint & maximize our handprint by improving processes and reducing carbon footprint. We accomplish this by providing products and solutions which meet and exceed customer and consumer expectations in performance and sustainability goals.

Create Smarter / Performance focused

Lubrizol seeks to develop products / solutions to overcome unmet needs and performance issues which have environmental and sustainability benefits – Further we work for responsible and efficient consumption, reduced waste and increase product life cycle thus creating Smarter products / solutions.

Live Better

Lubrizol TempRite products, solutions and people thrive to protect and improve lives around the world by ensuring our products are safe for intended use and help in better living. All our CPVC Compounds conform to industry standards, and carry regulatory approvals and third-party certifications.

Sustainability Spotlight

Our compounds are made with low amounts of depleting natural materials (crude oil) and more of materials available in abundance. We continue to challenge status quo by continuously working through many aspects including improving our sourcing, manufacturing, selling, R&D , disposal and commitment to society.

Our CPVC has a substantial advantage over alternate materials used in typical piping applications like water treatment, chemical processing, and mineral processing and other corrosive applications. It is also a light weight, strong and fire resistant material for building construction and mass transit to name a few applications.

Our team is always working to identify unmet consumer needs and develop sustainable solutions. Our CPVC has helped customer create large scale profitable and sustainable businesses around the world.