BlazeMaster® fire protection system protects the tallest building in Brazil


At 81 floors, Yachthouse is Brazil's tallest building and its first residential building to have a fire sprinkler system inside the apartments. For the construction team to consider Lubrizol's BlazeMaster® fire protection system, we had to surmount two major challenges: change the habits of designers, installers and builders who traditionally use metal pipes, and change local regulatory approvals to include nonmetallic firefighting products.


Working with designers and installers, we were able to demonstrate the advantages of our system over a steel system: easy installation, corrosion resistance, excellent flame and smoke characteristics, and affordability. In addition, our system was the only one to already have international certification, another reason the construction team chose the BlazeMaster fire protection system. The project earned the Masterinstal award for pioneering initiatives in installation and innovation.


Our system was installed faster and at a lower cost than a steel system, due to the adhesive welding process and lower manpower requirements. In addition, because our system is highly durable and does not corrode, the building now has lower maintenance requirements, while enjoying the most important advantage: reliable life-saving protection for people and property.