Building on Our Legacy of Performance to 
Create the Carbopol® Polymers of the Future

It’s hard to recall a time when Carbopol® polymers didn’t exist. Lubrizol first pioneered this breakthrough technology over six decades ago and Carbopol® polymers  continue to be the highest quality carbomers on the Beauty, Health and Home Care products markets.

Through our Carbopol® polymers portfolio, Lubrizol is 100% committed to empowering you with the most innovative, sustainable solutions imaginable…both now and in the years to come.

Beauty and Personal Care

Carbopol® polymers still dominate the market over 60 years later. No other polymer delivers such brilliant clarity, easy dispersion and controlled release properties while inspiring boundless formulating opportunities for skin care, hair care and cleansing products.

Carbopol® polymers-Health


Carbopol® polymers provide highly effective controlled-release properties for tablets at low concentrations, in addition to bioadhesion, taste-masking and good binding characteristics. Carbopol® polymers also offer formulation flexibility because they can be used with a variety of pharmaceutical active ingredients for oral, topical, or mucosal delivery.

Carbopol® polymers-Home_Care

Home Care

From laundry detergents to hard surface cleaners, from dishwashing liquids to car polishes, our Carbopol® polymers provide the superior thickening, structuring, suspension and stabilization with high-performance efficacy your products demand.