Carbopol® polymers continue to be the highest quality carbomers on the market. Created as the first commercial carbomers over 50 years ago,  Carbopol polymers are well known for their versatility and used extensively in Beauty, Health and Home Care products. 


Bouncy Tint for Lips & Cheeks (Spring/Summer)

Beauty and Personal Care

Carbopol® polymer is the easiest dispersing carbomer polymer available today for use in clear gels and emulsion systems, such as creams and lotions. Carbopol polymer provides highly efficient thickening and excellent clarity, suspending power and emulsion stability.



Carbopol® polymers provide highly effective controlled-release properties for tablets at low concentrations, in addition to bioadhesion, taste-masking and good binding characteristics. Carbopol polymers also offer formulation flexibility because they can be used with a variety of pharmaceutical active ingredients for oral, topical, or mucosal delivery.

Surface Care

Home Care

Carbopol® polymers are easy-to-use liquid thickeners designed to thicken and improve the flow properties in a broad range of product types for household, industrial and institutional applications. These polymers are especially effective for use in surfactant-containing applications.