Not only are Lubrizol aftermarket solutions designed for the most demanding operating conditions of today’s vehicles, they’re engineered to meet the expectations of some of the most demanding consumers, as well. Whether it’s automotive enthusiasts or business owners and fleet operators, the data-backed, proven performance of Lubrizol additive technology is essential for delivering the unquestionable benefits this discerning audience values. Contact a Lubrizol representative.


Diesel Fuel Additives

Next-generation diesel engines have ushered in an array of challenges from higher pressures and temperatures to injector deposits. Lubrizol’s science addresses these challenges head on while meeting strict emissions and efficiency demands.

Gasoline Additives

Customers choose aftermarket fuel products for improved fuel economy, increased power, and better protection. Lubrizol gasoline additives are proven to deliver these benefits, that's why the most-trusted brands trust Lubrizol.

Engine Oil Additives

Even high-quality engine oils can deliver many additional benefits with aftermarket engine oil treatments formulated with Lubrizol’s advanced additive technology, including greater fuel economy, power, emissions, and corrosion and wear protection.

Driveline Fluid Treatments

Lubrizol leads the industry in advanced chemistries for improving transmission fluids, gear treatments, differential oils and power steering lubricants. We can help meet the needs of your customers, build your brand and boost profitability.

Specialty and Maintenance Chemicals

For both service facilities and do-it-yourselfers, Lubrizol offers specialty and maintenance chemicals that are intensively tested to offer proven performance, and supports these products with outstanding industry insights and customer service.

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