Lubrizol has a longstanding commitment to the metalworking field, offering the industry’s widest portfolio of fluids. From metal protection to metal processing, our solutions are rigorously tested and proven in real world to help businesses run with the highest degree of productivity and profitability. To manufacture the highest quality and maintain it throughout distribution, Lubrizol metalworking fluids are second to none. Contact a Lubrizol representative today.


Metal Protection

Our broad range of products and custom-made solutions excel in forming a barrier between metal surfaces and contaminants, making Lubrizol your best defense against rust and corrosion during shipping and storage.

Metal Processing

Featuring metal processing solutions to cool, lubricate and protect machined parts and metalworking tools from heat and friction, Lubrizol advanced fluid technology extends machine and tool life and maximizes productivity.

Metalworking Biocides

As a leading supplier of biocide and system cleaner technologies to the metalworking fluid industry, Lubrizol delivers reliable protection against microorganisms in aqueous metal working fluids, inhibiting both bacterial and fungal growth.

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