Lubrizol works closely with customers to develop products that create value and differentiation by meeting their specific performance attributes, including increased machine efficiency, long-lasting lubrication and reduced environmental impact. With a long history of success in the design and development of grease, we carefully select base oils, thickeners and a properly balanced additive formulation to achieve target lubrication performance. Contact a Lubrizol representative today.



Lubrizol offers a high-performance portfolio of specialty components, multi-functional additive packages, polymers and thickener technologies for our customers to incorporate into automotive and industrial lubricating greases for countless end-user operations.


Our cross-linkers make the emulsion stiff or rubbery. The explosive will then harden and "lock" itself into a bore hole, fractured hole or up hole. This patented cross-linking technology provides solutions to severe loading conditions.


As the oil experts, we can make emulsions from virtually any oil the customer wants - from general to specialized. We also can give customers different variations of a product, depending on shipping or formulation needs.

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