Vitamin C Tablets

Sustained-Release Vitamin C Tablets

Enable your consumers to strengthen their immune health

Carbopol® polymers are reliable, proven tools for creating high-value nutraceutical products.

Sustained release vitamin C tablets formulated with Carbopol polymers offer immune/antioxidant support, plus key features and benefits for consumers:

  • Smaller, easier-to-swallow tablets
  • Optimized delivery (up to 12 hours in vitro)
  • Extended absorption window for improved uptake
  • Consistent dosing from tablet-to-tablet

Vitamin C Sustained Release Tablets with Carbopol Polymers

Materials and Methods

Property Value
Sustained Release Polymers Carbopol® 971P NF Polymer
Carbopol® 71G NF Polymer
Carbopol Polymer Inclusion Level 5 to 25%
Vitamin C Strength 500 mg
Manufacturing Method Direct Compression


  • Carbopol Polymers enabled 8 to 12 hours of in vitro vitamin C release
  • Results achieved with as little as 5% Carbopol polymer
  • Addition of extragranular Carbopol 71G polymer provided better sustained release
  • Good control over release was demonstrated at 500 mg dose in all media tested