Lubrizol Announces Updates to its Exclusive FBC™ System Compatible Program

The Lubrizol Corporation's CPVC business announces updates to its FBC™ System Compatible Program with the addition of a Mold Inhibitors category and changes to the Firestop Sealants category.  A product has also been added to the Incompatible Products list and the Other Compatibility Topics page has been updated.  

New Category - Mold Inhibitors

A mold inhibitor contains chemicals that keep mold from growing on a variety of building surfaces. Mold-cleaning agents remove mold and include growth inhibitors designed to keep mold from returning to the cleaned surface. Preventative inhibitors coat absorbent building materials to kill mold spores before they can colonize.  

New Additions - Mold Inhibitor

  • FortiCel™ Mold Inhibitor by Protective Coatings Group

New Additions - Firestop Sealants

  • FS-ONE MAX Firestop Sealant by Hilti

  *  The FortiCel mold inhibitor and Hilti firestop sealant have been independently tested and shown to be compatible with Lubrizol's CPVC piping systems, including FlowGuard Gold® Pipe & Fittings, BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Systems and Corzan® Industrial Systems. For more information about these two products, visit the company websites at: or, respectively. For more information about these or other products within the FBC System Compatible Program, visit the online FBC System Compatible website at:    

Update to the Approved Products List:

  • Hilti has elected to no longer include CP 601S and CP 604 Firestop Sealants in the FBC System Compatible Program.  However, there are still 29 Firestop Sealants on the Program.
  • Industrial Thermo Polymers has chosen to no longer participate in the FBC System Compatible Program. As a result, the following Industrial Thermo Polymers products have been removed from the Program: Tundra, Tundra Plus and Tundra Seal and the Insulation category has been removed.

Update to the Incompatible Products List:

The following products have been added to the Do Not Use list:

  • Zoonocide by Coating Systems Laboratories in the Mold Cleaners Category

Update to the Other Compatibility Topics Page:

The following category has been added to the Other Compatibility Topics page:

  •   General-Purpose Gap Filling

The following wording has been added to the General-Purpose Gap Filling Topic:



Products qualify for the program by undergoing testing that demonstrates the product is compatible with FlowGuard Gold Pipe & Fittings, BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems and Corzan Industrial Systems.

 Manufacturers of the program's products are committed to maintaining necessary product quality and agree not to change the chemical composition of the product without advance written notice. If there is a change in the chemical composition, manufacturers must re-submit their products in order to be included in the FBC System Compatible Program. Manufacturers must also submit their products to periodic testing to ensure the products remain chemically compatible. Because CPVC products are made with base resins having different molecular weights and varying chlorine contents and compound additives, the FBC System Compatible Program can verify chemical compatibility of products made with Lubrizol's FlowGuard, BlazeMaster and Corzan compounds with the ancillary products tested and added to the Lubrizol FBC System Compatible Program.

 Products in the program display the FBC System Compatible mark on their labels. This mark quickly notifies installers that the product is chemically compatible with FlowGuard, BlazeMaster and Corzan CPVC products. The FBC System Compatible Program is in active use in the United States, Canada, Mexico, 25 European countries, the United Arab Emirates, India and China.

 To learn about all the chemically compatible products in the Program, call 1-855-735-1431.


FlowGuard Gold, BlazeMaster and Corzan are registered trademarks of The Lubrizol Corporation. 


FBC is a trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation.