FBC™ System Compatible Program Adds New Pipe Thread Sealant

October 20, 2014 

Effective immediately, Lubrizol’s CPVC business announces a new addition to its FBC™ System Compatible Program: RectorSeal® Blue+® Thread Sealant. RectorSeal® Blue+® pipe thread sealant is a non-setting, multi-purpose compound that contains PTFE, plus synthetic fibers to create a stronger seal. It has been independently tested and shown to be compatible with Lubrizol’s CPVC piping systems, including FlowGuard Gold® Pipe & Fittings, BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Systems and Corzan® Industrial Systems. For more information about Blue+, visit Rectorseal’s website.

The continued expansion of products in the FBC System Compatible Program illustrates the industry’s ongoing interest in and participation in this innovative program. It is designed to increase user confidence and help eliminate guesswork about products that are compatible with our CPVC piping compounds. Products qualify for the program by undergoing testing that demonstrates the product is compatible with FlowGuard Gold Pipe & Fittings, BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems and Corzan Industrial Systems.

Manufacturers of the program’s products are committed to maintaining necessary product quality and agree not to change the chemical composition of the product without advance written notice. If there is a change in the chemical composition, then manufacturers must re-submit their products in order to be included in the FBC System Compatible Program. Manufacturers must also submit their products to periodic testing to ensure the products remain chemically compatible. Because CPVC products are made with base resins having different molecular weights and varying chlorine contents and compound additives, the FBC System Compatible Program can verify chemical compatibility only with the products with which they have been tested.

Products in the program display the FBC System Compatible mark on their labels. This mark quickly notifies installers that the product is chemically compatible with FlowGuard Gold, BlazeMaster and Corzan CPVC products. The FBC System Compatible Program is in active use in the United States, Canada, Mexico, 25 European countries, the United Arab Emirates, India and China.

To learn about all the chemically compatible products in the program, call 1-855-735-1431.