2023 FBC System Compatible Program Updates

FBC™ System Compatible Program 2023 Changes to Date

September 14, 2023

Lubrizol Advanced Materials’ CPVC Piping Systems business has updated its FBC™ System Compatible Program with changes to the Compatible Products, Incompatible Products, and Other Compatibility Topics Lists to date in 2023.  These changes are outlined below.

Compatible Products List

A new category for “Paints and Coatings” has been added to the Approved Products List.  The following products, which were in the “Cleaners, Disinfectants, Mold Inhibitors, etc.” category, have been moved to the “Paints and Coatings” category:

  • AfterShock
  • Anabec New Build 50 (clear, blue, white)
  • Bioesque Mold Resistant Coating (white, clear)
  • Bioesque Smoke & Odor Encapsulant (white, clear)
  • IAQ 6000
  • IAQ 6100
  • FortiCel® New Construction
  • Recon Ultra Smoke Odor Sealer

New Products Additions:

Cleaners, Disinfectants, Mold Inhibitors, Etc.

Products: IAQ 6100
Manufacturer: ICP Products

Cutting Oil Category

Products: Cutting Edge Chlorine-Free Cutting Oil and LVOIL-C Clear Cutting Oil
Manufacturer: Utility Chemicals

Firestop Wrap Category

Product: FF107 Oversleeve / Firestop Wrap
Manufacturer: Tenmat

Paints and Coatings

Product: RMR Solutions Mold Resistant Coating (clear and white)
Manufacturer: RMR Solutions, LLC

Products Removed per Manufacturer’s Request:

            Oatey’s Cryo-Tek™ Fire System GL 48 Fire System Antifreeze
            Anti-Seize Technology’s SLICKON® GTS-GOLD


Incompatible Products List

“Dye Penetrants” has been added to the list of product categories.

GP Gypsum’s DensDefy™ Liquid Flashing has been added to the Caulks category with a 3* designation.

Sherwin’s DP-40 has been added to the Dye Penetrants category with a 3* designation.

Bostik Limited’s “Bostik Intucrylic Sealant White” has been added to the Fire Stopping Systems category with a 3* designation.

*3 - These products have been determined to be incompatible based on compositional information found in the manufacturer’s labeling or published literature. One or more ingredients reported by the manufacturer is the same as or chemically similar to ingredients identified as having caused or contributed to piping system failure with similar products (the products designated with a 1).


Other Chemical Compatibility Topics List:

The Flexible Wire and Cabling Topic on the Other Chemical Compatibility Topics page has been renamed as “Wire and Cabling”.



Products qualify for the program by undergoing testing that demonstrates the product is compatible with FlowGuard Gold Pipe & Fittings, BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems, and Corzan Industrial Systems and Products made with TempRite® Technology.  
Manufacturers of the program's products are committed to maintaining necessary product quality and agree not to change the chemical composition of the product without advance written notice. If there is a change in the chemical composition, manufacturers must re-submit their products in order to be included in the FBC System Compatible Program. Manufacturers must also submit their products to periodic testing to ensure the products remain chemically compatible. Because CPVC products are made with base resins having different molecular weights and varying chlorine contents and compound additives, the FBC System Compatible Program can verify chemical compatibility of products made with Lubrizol's FlowGuard, BlazeMaster, and Corzan and
Products made with TempRite® Technology with the ancillary products tested and added to the Lubrizol FBC™ System Compatible Program. 
Products in the program display the FBC System Compatible mark on their labels. This mark quickly notifies installers that the product is chemically compatible with FlowGuard, BlazeMaster, and Corzan and
Products made with TempRite® Technology. The FBC System Compatible Program is in active use in the United States, Canada, Mexico, 25 European countries, the United Arab Emirates, India and China.  
FBC™, FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster®, Corzan® and TempRite® Technology are registered trademarks of The Lubrizol Corporation.