Why Liquid Immersion Cooling Works

A Safe and Effective Cooling Solution That Improves Data Center Sustainability 

The digital transformation era is upon us. Every opportunity for improvement is under the microscope, including the topic of thermal management for IT infrastructure.

Immersion cooling is the next-generation solution for data centers looking to increase power-hungry workloads and data processing capabilities. In this method of liquid cooling, all computer components are submersed in nonconductive dielectric fluids, providing cooling right at the source, leveraging the fluid’s direct contact with the equipment, conducting heat away as the fluid flows through. Compare data center cooling options here, or check out our whitepaper.

Benefits of Immersion Cooling

Liquid immersion cooling can be a more sustainable cooling option that can help you:

  • Maximize your server rack power density
  • Improve equipment uptime
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduction in workplace environmental stresses such as noise 
Reduces Operating Costs

Immersion cooling fluids dissipate heat more efficiently than conventional air-cooling systems, given they’re directly in contact with the hardware. The result is less energy use and reduced operating costs, enabling savings right to your bottom line.

Reduces Noise

Facilities that manage heat with conventional air-cooling systems can be loud and push the limits of worker safety. Liquid immersion cooling helps minimize equipment noise, enabling a healthier and safer working environment.

What sets Compuzol™ Immersion Fluid Solution apart?

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