The Missing Piece: Why Immersion Cooling is the Perfect Fit for Hyperscale Data Centers

Global demand for computing power continues apace and is leading to the expansion of the hyperscale data center. Recent research suggests that the hyperscale data center market size is expected to be worth $799.5 billion by 2032, up from $85.3 billion in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 25.8% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2032.

To capitalize on this potential, hyperscale data center owners and builders need effective solutions to scale their operations to new heights. Workloads in these new facilities are increasing exponentially, and as ever-more storage and processing capacities are needed to advance business and our experiences, the engineers who oversee data center infrastructure require new ways to support greater and greater power density.

What Is a Hyperscale Data Center?

Though there is no industry standard definition, hyperscale data centers are larger than traditional enterprise data centers with performance capabilities that far outstrip them. They offer immense storage and processing capacities required utilized by major technology companies. A hyperscale data center typically exceeds around 5,000 servers and about 10,000 square feet.

One inherent challenge in this pursuit is keeping increasingly powerful servers at optimal operating temperature. Traditional air-cooling methods have struggled to meet the cooling requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s hyperscale data centers. A more suitable solution is required to enable these new centers to meet their full potential.

That solution? Immersion cooling—where computer components are submerged in non-conducting, dielectric fluids—has demonstrated major promise as an optimized cooling application for data centers of any size. But its benefits are particularly suited to hyperscale data centers, where processing power and density is king and where unique engineering setups may require tailored cooling systems. Read on to find out why immersion cooling could be the right fit for your hyperscale data center.

Immersion Cooling Enables Greater Power Output

Effective cooling methods enable data centers to house and maintain server infrastructure to deliver more computing density and meet increased demand—a necessity for hyperscale centers. Further, less equipment downtime is experienced in systems with effective thermal management fluids. 

Immersion cooling systems can also extend IT equipment’s lifetime compared to air- and indirect-cooling systems by reducing server design complexity (e.g., no integrated fans required) and reducing operating temperatures to prevent thermal degradation of server components. 

Immersion Cooling Can Be Tailored for Unique Needs 

Single-phase vs Two-Phase Immersion Cooling DiagramsImmersion cooling offers foundational advantages as it can be tailored to meet the requirements of current and future applications.

This is particularly true for single-phase immersion cooling applications, where hardware is submerged in a dielectric fluid that makes direct contact with the IT equipment, conducting heat away as the fluid flows through the data server. By comparison, two-phase immersion cooling uses fluorocarbon-based fluid that readily boils when in contact with equipment hot spots, transitioning the fluid from a liquid to a vapor that is condensed in a heat exchanger and recirculated into the cooling tank. Single-phase offers greater potential for fluid tailoring—a perfect fit for hyperscale data centers seeking unique methods to optimize their operations.

Immersion fluids developed and designed specifically for your application offer balanced properties and better material compatibility to meet the needs of data center facilities and their equipment. By working with the right supplier, there’s no need to settle for a “good enough” fluid solution. And as power demands increase, highly engineered immersion cooling formulations have the potential to help extend the useful life expectancy of their hardware.

Interested in learning more?

CompuZol™ immersion cooling fluid solutions from Lubrizol can be the specific solutions hyperscale data centers need to overcome cooling challenges. Working closely with leading computing companies, Lubrizol and our team of fluid engineers can play a critical role in the continued evolution of immersion cooling technology, helping the hyperscale data centers hardware achieve scalable solutions necessary to meet their full potential. Contact your Lubrizol representative to find out how CompuZol can transform your operations today.