2018-2019 Lake County STEM Teacher Award Winner

Congratulations to Greg Clark and Lee Polzer, science teachers at Madison Middle School

Addressing the Madison Local Schools teacher and administration, Julie Edgar, corporate vice president of innovation and chief sustainability officer for Lubrizol, honored the team by highlighting how the team approach combines:

  • innovative teaching techniques
  • real-world examples
  • academic topics designed to strengthen student engagement and improve student outcomes

Edgar states, "This unique program prepares students to gain more marketable skills for the real working world, such as being good communicators, problem solvers, self-motivators and team players. Given the clear student success, it is obvious to me that teaching in new ways can have a positive effect and further the mission of STEM." 


Lake County Teacher Award

Pictured: Doris Behnke, Chris Ciolli, Lee Polzer, Greg Clark, Julie Edgar

More information regarding the 2018 - 2019 award is available on our press release

25 Year STEM Education Outreach Milestone

The 2018 – 2019 school year also marks a significant milestone for Lubrizol's signature STEM education outreach program. This year's teacher team is the 25th annual Lubrizol Lake County Science / STEM Teacher Award winner. In the award's 25-year history, Lubrizol has honored more than 70 Lake County teachers.