Employee Attraction

Employee Attraction, Engagement, and Retention

Proactive and progressive policies and programs position Lubrizol to attract, engage, and retain exceptional people who cultivate a respectful, inclusive and ethical work environment. We are committed to building on our leading position as an outstanding place to work and build a career.   

We strive to provide a safe, enriching and engaging work environment that cultivates opportunities for growth and development through our: 

Employee policies

that promote equal employment and fundamental human rights and protect against intimidation and harassment

World-class leadership

development programs that build and empower current and future leaders at all levels of the organization

Benefits and programs

that support, recognize and motivate employees, while also helping them maintain a healthy work/life balance.

State of the art

co-op, internships and early-career programs as well as hiring practices that are effective in attracting quality talent

An organizational structure

that enables us to leverage our strengths as a global employer while being attentive to regional needs, industry trends and best practices

A company-wide focus

on individual accountability and empowerment within one's position that is critical to our efforts to create a sustainable and successful future for Lubrizol

A Respectful and Productive Work Environment 

Maintaining a positive and productive work environment where employees are valued, respected and empowered is critical to our success. The Lubrizol Code of Ethics sets forth our expectations for all employees to create the work environment where all employees can develop, contribute and thrive. 

Key policies 

Equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination: We are committed to advancing equal opportunity and prohibiting discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment because of sex, race, color, national origin, citizenship, age, religion, marital status, military service, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or any other characteristic or trait protected by federal, state, or local law as well as against qualified individuals with disabilities. 

Anti-harassment: We are intent on taking all necessary steps to prevent intimidating and harassing conduct in the workplace, including unwelcome verbal or physical conduct and sexual harassment. Our policy outlines methods for reporting, investigating, and resolving complaints of harassment or discrimination, and includes a no-retaliation provision against those who make a good faith complaint or who participate in the investigation of one. 

Leadership Development 

Developing and equipping our leaders for success not only enhances our employees’ professional growth but strengthens our ability to work as a team and drive personal and business success. Focusing on employee development aligns with our culture of accountability and empowerment, leading to a positive, productive and problem-solving culture that is always asking “what more can I do?" 


For more information about employee benefits, training and career development, visit lubrizol.com/Careers.


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