Performance Focused - Consumers

About 2 years ago, Lubrizol created a Consumer Market Insight group. (CMI)

CMI now fuels and drives our innovation. It also enables us to establish true partnerships with our customers. Insights investment allows us to develop consumer-validated products & ideas and go to market faster and more effectively.

We conducted a CMI study end of 2019 in Europe to understand how consumers define sustainability and low impact. Key insights were the following:

Consumers define sustainability from a personal perspective and seek for:

  • Credibility that the product can deliver on performance while being sustainable
  • Reassurance that their products will work while helping them do the right thing
  • Empowerment to contribute to reduce environmental impact on a personal level

….  without compromise on performance: Consumer who care about sustainability still consider product efficacy & cost and brand to be their leading purchasing decision criteria.

Lubrizol provides very efficient and multifunctional ingredients such as Pemulen EZ-4U polymer, Avalure Flex 6 polymer, Matrifuse S-1 dispersant allowing to deliver high performance with low use levels. 

Leveraging the combination of Lubrizol’s technical expertise with our market knowledge and consumer insights, we partner with our customers in the development of efficient and sustainable solutions.

Lubrizol's Eco-conscious approach proposes formulations around 5 pillars:

  • Nature-based
  • Biodegradable
  • Minimalist
  • Fair trade / Social impact
  • Responsible formulations

Formulations benefit from our ingredients’ low impact profile and allow sustainability claims beyond naturality, thus addressing growing consumer trends.