Naturally Derived Ingredients

Nature-Based Ingredients

Life on LandRenewable ingredients are derived from nature and consumers are demanding more natural and renewable content in their finished products.  A wide array of Lubrizol’s ingredients carry the Nature-Based Compass Benefit designation, which means that they include renewable, natural content.  Whether you are looking for Nature-Based surfactants or natural scrubs, Lubrizol provides a range of ingredient solutions that are rooted in nature. But we know that renewable content alone is not enough. That is why we are committed to providing enhanced transparency into the renewable material in our ingredients so that you can have confidence in formulating. In addition we are working to understand where our materials originate and how they are harvested. Check our progress on RSPO Mass Balance Certification.   

We measure the renewable content of Lubrizol's beauty and personal care ingredients by calculating their Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) under ISO 16128. Many meet the natural (RCI 1.00) and derived-natural (RCI >.50) definitions in the ISO standard.  Others contain a degree of naturality (RCI <.50). These ranges can be used to search for Nature-Based ingredients on our Product Finder

The natural origin and content of Lipotec's active, botanical, marine and scrub ingredients is measured by percent molecular weight in accordance with ISO 16128.  That standard provides the means to calculate Natural Index, Natural Origin Index and degree of naturality. This information is available on our Lipotec product information site.

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The following Beauty and Personal Care ingredients have an RCI of 1.00:
Product Name INCI Name Description
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