Paulínia is a production facility for Lubrizol’s coatings business. We produce acrylic and styrene acrylic polymers and vinyl acetate acrylic polymers used in masonry coatings. In addition to our local products, we also produce brand name resins such as Carboset® resins and Hycar® water-borne acrylic resins. You will find our coatings in paints and varnishes, on roof coatings and on paper. Learn more about our market applications:

Health and Safety

The Lubrizol Paulínia facility is committed to full compliance with all environmental, health and safety regulations. As a newer plant, many changes are happening. Efforts are concentrated on meeting all the requirements necessary for the well-being of our workers, contractors, interns and our community.

Paulínia Facts


40, 200 Antonio Olímpio
de Morais Street
Paulínia, São Paulo



Number of employees


Business Segment

Lubrizol Advanced Materials