Alkaline and Primary Batteries

Alkaline and primary batteries rely on stable dispersion of zinc metal for optimal performance and shelf-life.  Electro-Rite® technology includes rheology modifiers used to create anode gels, offering efficient thickening of electrolytes, excellent stability in alkaline systems, excellent suspending agent and shear-thinning rheology for easier mixing, pumping and filling operations.


  • Alkaline Batteries (Type AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, coins)
  • Zinc-air batteries (button cells)
  • Lithium primary batteries


  • High thickening and suspending efficiency
  • Slurry rheology modifier
  • Zinc suspension agent
  • Broad temperature stability
  • High pH and electrolyte tolerance
  • Unique and controlled rheology
  • Excellent microbial resistance

Solutions for Alkaline and Primary Batteries

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