Heat Performance

Heat Performance

Heat performance is a crucial material property that should be considered when selecting materials for processing, molding, and part design. The heat performance of a material could significantly influence and improve the impact and tensile strength in an end use application. One of the most vetted and widely accepted methodologies for assessing the heat performance of a material is to evaluate its glass transition temperature (Tg). 

The glass transition temperature of a polymer such as CPVC is the temperature at which the material transitions from hard and glassy to soft and rubbery. Fortunately, the Tg for CPVC is very high compared to many materials, allowing for increased heat resistance and better performance in high temperature applications: 

Material Tg °F
Nylon 6-10 104
UHMW PE -256
PVDF -50
ECTFE 145-185
PP 25
CPVC 225-250
PS 210
Steel (304 ss) NA
ABS 221
PTFE 275

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