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Lubrizol's knowledge of CPVC resin, CPVC compounding, and CPVC processing expands the potential uses of CPVC molding compounds beyond traditional applications. The CPVC resin itself has excellent heat and chemical resistance. Lubrizol gets the most out of the CPVC molecule through decades of synthesis and process improvement, optimizing the properties of the base resin, and reducing variability in the final compound.

Key Features

By controlling the resin production, Lubrizol provides itself a strong and consistent basis on which to build its compounds. Lubrizol's compounding expertise brings versatility to the CPVC resin base. Compounding can be tailored to enhance many properties of the polymer, such as:


Through decades of working with a wide variety of CPVC compounds, Lubrizol has become skilled in the processing of CPVC. This knowledge of processing combined with compounding knowledge enables Lubrizol CPVC compounds to be used in a variety of processing techniques including, but not limited to, injection molding, profile extrusion, sheet extrusion, and compression molding.


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At Lubrizol, we know the challenges facing designers, process engineers, lab technicians, and material processors. Let our team of experts provide you with expertise and guidance: from material selection and formulation all the way through processing and end use.

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