Abrasion Resistance

One widely referenced test method for abrasion resistance is the Taber Abrasion Test. Weight loss of a material is measured after being exposed to an abrasive wheel for 1000 cycles. 

While the Taber test cannot predict actual performance of a material to a given application, it does provide a relative measure to compare different materials.

Material Material Loss (mg/1000 cycles)  Relative Cost 
Nylon 6-10 5 $$
PVDF 7 $$$
ECTFE 13 $$$$
CPVC 20 $
PS 45 $
Steel (304 ss) 50 $$$$
ABS 70 $
PTFE 700 $$$

No single test method exists to consistently predict the abrasion resistance of a material to the broad range of potentially abrasive conditions. As a result, the best guide in selecting materials for abrasive service is past experience.  Lubrizol CPVC has a history of use in abrasive environments such as mining and mineral processing.

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