3D Printed Prosthetics

3D Printed Prosthetics and Orthotics

Continuously focused on how our 3D printing solutions and technologies can change lives, Lubrizol 3D Printing Solutions has gained a deeper understanding of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) patient needs to provide the best material and production solutions. We support our customers so that their patients can obtain the highest quality product in the minimal amount of time. 

We partner with prosthetic and orthotic (P & O) part designers to ensure that all parts, from flexible inners for prosthetic sockets to functional foot orthoses, are customized and refined for the exact fit and needs of the patient. Our ESTANE® 3D TPU material solutions offer the comfort, flexibility and durability needed for numerous applications in the O & P field. 

Our polymers can produce a lightweight part that is soft, long lasting, skin contact safe and can be printed with minimal variation multiple times. Most of our polymers also have the ability to be dyed in a variant of vibrant colors to suit patient preference.

Today’s technological advances in 3D printing can improve fit and comfort for people who wear insoles or orthotic and prosthetic devices, helping to improve everyday standards of living. With the freedom of design offered by modern 3D printing technologies, combined with the capabilities of our polymers, it is possible to produce lightweight parts that can contain rigid or soft sections while not changing materials or having to produce different product sub-assemblies.

Learn more in this Case Study: ESTANE® 3D TPU for Flexible and Durable Inner Prosthetic Sockets 

Illustration of uses for 3D Printed orthotics and prosthetic devices on the human body

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