Unleashing the Advantages of Immersion Cooling

“It’s not a hypothetical whether immersion [cooling] is going to be big in tech. It’s a matter of when we are ready for it.”

This is a quote from Rolf Brink, project lead for immersion cooling at Open Compute Project Foundation, during a panel discussion at October’s Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit. Immersion cooling—a cooling technique that submerges IT components in a dielectric fluid—was a hot topic at the summit, as the broader tech industry seeks to keep up with skyrocketing demand for computing power around the world.

Indeed, data centers of any size—from smaller enterprise data centers to hyperscale projects—have the responsibility to harness the power of innovative cooling methods to bring the data center of tomorrow to life. Immersion cooling represents perhaps the most promising option available today, as leading tech companies are beginning to apply the technology to forward-thinking new projects.

Are you ready to unleash the advantages of immersion cooling for your applications? Here’s what you need to know:

Immersion Cooling: Driven By Market Demands

Today’s data centers have no choice but to seek alternatives from conventional cooling setups. Increasing computational demands, higher chip densities, server accelerators, higher thermal densities and power rack densities are all outstripping the capabilities of traditional cooling methods.

And it’s about more than simply overcoming limitations. At the OCP summit, speakers pointed to numerous significant technological innovations possible with greater thermal control over your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Greater energy P.U.E.
  • More effective use of physical space.
  • Improving total cost of ownership over system lifetime.
  • Lower water consumption.

How to Take Advantage of Immersion Cooling

While immersion cooling is a mature technology, it has not yet seen widespread application across the tech world. And as such, any data center owner or operator might have some questions to answer before taking the plunge. A few key things to know include:

Immersion cooling is a cost-effective option. There are upfront capital costs required for installing any significant upgrade to your data center, but immersion cooling has the potential to deliver significant return on investment. Not only do high-performance immersion cooling system fluids offer best-in-class material compatibility, durability and dependable thermal performance to enable increased computing density, but they also address growth barriers posed by conventional cooling methods.

Taken cumulatively, these can deliver major bottom-line benefits and contribute to lower total cost of ownership, enabling data centers to continue scaling their operations as demand for computing power increases.

Dielectric fluid choice matters. The key to getting the most from your immersion cooling applications is to utilize fluids that have been designed and developed specifically for your needs. Because while some available immersion cooling options are “one-size-fits-all,” there’s no need to settle when you work with the right supplier.

Ideally, your immersion cooling partner should be able to tailor your fluid, offering balanced properties and better material compatibility to meet the unique needs of data center facilities and their equipment. And as power demands increase, properly engineered immersion cooling formulations can help extend the life expectancy of their hardware.

Immersion cooling systems offer operational simplicity. How will regular service maintenance checks be performed? How will cabling fare within a dielectric fluid environment? Will special equipment be required to remove computing equipment for inspection and repair?

These are natural questions to ask. But when you work with an established partner who can deliver a complete system solution for your immersion cooling needs, these questions answer themselves. The right partner can work with all stakeholders to establish best practices for fluid management throughout the value chain. They will be able to advise on fluid drain interval, disposal oversight, and ongoing maintenance strategies—helping you optimize your health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) commitment while growing your business.

Interested in learning more?

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The future of mass-scale data is in immersion cooling—and it’s not worth getting left behind. Contact your Lubrizol representative today to learn how you can unleash the advantages in your operations.

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