Product Stewardship

Lubrizol is committed to providing the public with concise and straightforward information about its products, their manufacture and distribution, how they are used, and the important health, safety and environmental information associated with them. We do this through our product stewardship summaries.

When developing these summaries, Lubrizol categorizes its products based on market application and chemical composition. Our product categories are then prioritized based on production volume, likelihood of human and/or environmental contact and the environmental and human health hazards and risks associated with their chemical compositions. The environmental and human heath hazards and risks are identified through toxicology and ecological data generated by our participation in regional programs such as the U.S. High Production Volume (HPV) Chemical Challenge and the Canadian Chemical Risk Management Program, as well as regulatory programs such as the European Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of CHemicals (REACH) initiative. Information is also gathered through voluntary product stewardship activities.

The currently available product stewardship summaries provide general information about our products. They are not intended to provide a detailed discussion of all environmental, safety and health information. Product stewardship summaries do not replace or supplant required regulatory communication documents. More detailed health and safety information is available on the applicable Lubrizol Safety Data Sheets (SDS). For avoidance of doubt, the information contained on this page is subject to the Terms of Use.