Our Community Engagement Priorities

Community Engagement

Are Grounded in Our Culture:  

Our History of Philanthropy: The articles of incorporate of The Lubrizol Foundation, Lubrizol’s first formal Community Engagement entity, records Lubrizol’s earliest philanthropic intentions: "the support of educational, health, welfare and cultural institutions and programs..."

Our Employees’ Passion: Our global team members have independently chosen to undertake activities to benefit their local communities.    

How our Products Improve Lives: Lubrizol is recognized for its expertise in chemistry, R&D, and history of sharing its knowledge; Lubrizol makes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and personal care and home products that enable healthier lives; Lubrizol’s products reduce engine air emissions and extend equipment life.

Align with Five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Improving Lives through Healthier Living

UN Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing
Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing – Lubrizol takes action to ensure the best possible health outcomes by encouraging healthy activities, improving access to healthcare, and supporting institutions that provide quality healthcare and related services.

Improving Lives through Education and Knowledge

UN Goal 4: Quality Education
Goal 4: Quality Education – Lubrizol takes action to ensure quality, inclusive, and accessible educational opportunities and supports institutions that provide access to quality education at all levels.

Improving Lives through Environmental Protection

UN Goal 13: Climate Change
Goal 13: Climate Change – Lubrizol takes action to promote climate conscious behavior, reduce carbon emissions in our daily lives, and supports institutions that raise awareness about and take action to address climate change.
UN Goal-14 Life Below Water
Goal 14: Life Below Water – Lubrizol takes action to preserve and protect marine ecosystems.


UN Goal-15 Life On Land
Goal 15: Life on Land – Lubrizol takes action to preserve and protect natural land-based ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as to prevent deforestation and degradation of natural ecosystems.