Lubrizol REACH Registrations

We are pleased to confirm that all Lubrizol products supplied to you from a Lubrizol plant in the EU or purchased from a Lubrizol EU legal entity conform to REACH. We also confirm that all relevant substances have been REACH registered by Lubrizol and/or its suppliers or are exempt from registration.

If you receive any products directly from a non-EU Lubrizol plant and have entered into an Only Representative agreement with DRC’s (Declarations of REACH Conformity), then all relevant substances are in compliance with the REACH requirements, whether you receive the products in the EU or export the products to the EU.

If you export Lubrizol products to the EU from outside the EU, either as part of your product or in their neat form, and have not established Only Representative service with Lubrizol for those products, please contact so that we can establish the necessary Only Representative service for you and your EU importer(s).

Communication of Registration Numbers

Registration numbers will be communicated through the supply chain by the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or the documentation provided by the supplier to enable appropriate risk management measures to be identified when an SDS is not required. No additional communication of registration numbers is legally required. The availability of a registration number is not considered as a major change and will, therefore, not necessarily trigger an immediate update of the SDS.

We confirm that there are currently no plans to reformulate or discontinue any products because of REACH requirements. If there are changes in our supply plans as a result of REACH, we will inform you at the earliest possible opportunity and work with you to minimize the impact of our decision.