Honoring World Environment Day - Every Day

Posted by Elizabeth Grove on 06/02/2021
  • World Environment Day is a chance to think about how we can restore our natural ecosystems
  • Lubrizol employees take action to preserve and restore natural ecosystems in their local communities all over the world
  • Environmental Stewardship is a priority for Lubrizol’s philanthropy

On June 5, 2021 we celebrate World Environment Day. Since 1974, World Environment Day is an annual reminder to people, organizations and governments that we must take action to address the environmental challenges facing our planet. By focusing on “ecosystem restoration,” we are encouraged to take action to preserve, protect and restore the fragile natural ecosystems that are essential for the sustainability of everyday life.

Planting trees in Brazil
At Lubrizol we share this passion for restoring and preserving our local ecosystems - all over the world. In fact, Lubrizol’s corporate-wide sustainability commitment to water preservation includes annual watershed restoration activities to preserve and restore water-based ecosystems and will be led by our global sustainability employee resource groups in the communities we call home.

Our Community Investment strategy, which includes employee volunteering and corporate philanthropy, supports our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship as a priority as well. This commitment to ecosystem preservation is global and just one way that our employees act on a collective passion for caring for the natural ecosystems in our local communities. Did you know that:

The "Lubrizol Forest" in Brazil
  • Our employees in Rio de Janeiro have participated in enough tree planting activities on one local community that the “Lubrizol forest” has been established?
  • In Gava, Spain our employees volunteer to preserve and restore the biodiversity of Barcelona’s sand dunes by planting marram grass to help retain sand and reduce the impact of beach erosion?
  • Our Hazelwood, UK team has constructed wildlife stacks in this rural site to provide habitat for local wildlife and participates in the UK Butterfly Monitoring Service to log and track the health of the butterfly population? and
  • Our Northeast Ohio team has contributed to the restoration of the local ecosystem in Mentor Marsh by volunteering to remove invasive species and assist in installing a rain garden?

Planting native species for Earth Day
And it’s not just volunteer time. Lubrizol has donated financial resources to support the restoration and preservation of ecosystems as well. On Earth Day, 2021, The Lubrizol Foundation and the Cleveland Metroparks announced a joint project to develop forestry practices that will make the parks 16,0000 acres of trees more resilient to climate change. In addition to that:
  • The Lubrizol Foundation has made grants to the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees Campaign and the US-based Coral Restoration Project; and
  • Our team in Spain supports APNEA – Amics Del parc Dels Aiguamolls, an organization the promotes the reservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in the wetland of Catelonia and the Paisatges Vius Project, which preserves biodiversity in the Pirenees region.

Our investment of time and resources in our local communities is a central pillar in the sustainability of Lubrizol. As recognized by World Environment Day, that commitment must include taking care of the natural ecosystems that support the nature world. At Lubrizol, we know that these investments in preservation and restoration of local ecosystems will benefit our planet, our families, our friends and the communities for decades to come. World Environment Day - or any day - is a great day to take action to care for the world that we love.

Elizabeth Grove

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