The Heart of Lubrizol’s Community Investment

Posted by Elizabeth Grove on 02/11/2021
  • A passion for healthcare drives Lubrizol employee volunteers in their communities
  • Lubrizol Life Science – Health makes positive health outcomes a reality by delivering lifesaving technology to help our communities Live Better
  • UN SDG 3 aligns our passion for good health and wellbeing in our communities and in what we do every day at Lubrizol

Even before the global pandemic, enabling good health and wellbeing in our communities has been the heart of Lubrizol’s community investment. Since 1952, The Lubrizol Foundation has directed charitable giving to organizations that provide health related services to the local communities where we live and work. Lubrizol employees all over the world have chosen to volunteer their time to provide for the health and wellbeing of their neighbors and communities in food banks, elder and hospice care, pediatric hospitals, nursing homes and basic housing services.

Following the hearts of our employees made the decision to align the Lubrizol’s community investment priorities with United Nations Sustainability Goal 3, Good Health and Wellbeing, an easy one.

But prioritizing Good Health and Wellbeing also makes sense for Lubrizol because it is the heart of what we do every day as a company. It’s the mission of one of our newest and most vibrant business groups: Lubrizol Life Science – Health, which is helping the world to Live Better every day with:

  • cutting edge pharmaceutical research into polymers that improve delivery of lifesaving medicines
  • tissue expanders that enable burn victims to heal and even enabled the separation of conjoined twin baby girls
  • medical tubing so small that it can deliver multiple medications to premature babies in a single tiny tube
  • the delivery of life saving medication by coating veins and arteries from the inside
  • · medical devices that are necessary for delicate open-heart surgery
With all of this passion and commitment, it’s easy to see why alignment with UN SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing is at the heart of Lubrizol’s community investment strategy. By 2028, Lubrizol has committed to donate over $20 million and 80,000 employee volunteer hours to organizations that align with our community investment priorities, including UN SDG 3.

Through the kindness and compassion that is found every day in the hearts of our employees and their commitment to providing lifesaving technology, our community investment priority of Good Health and Wellbeing and helping our communities to Live Better is at the heart of everything we do.
Elizabeth Grove

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