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Lubrizol Gives Back: Painesville Building Bonds 2023

As many Lubrizol sites look for opportunities for collaboration and service for the upcoming Building Global Bonds Day on Sept. 12, some facilities have already begun this work in the community. One of these sites is Painesville, Ohio, whose Building Global Bonds Day recently took place, with the team volunteering at local nonprofit, Hannah’s Home.

Hannah’s Home works with young mothers and mothers to be. Together, they work with those in need on parenting skills, job skill development, life skills, among others. Their end goal is to develop young mothers and children so they can be prepared to live on their own. The Lubrizol Painesville team noted that they were very honored to help Hannah’s Home on our Building Bonds Day.

In total, nearly 90 volunteers from Lubrizol gave their time. They brought their expertise to tackle the manual labor and skilled trades needed. Lubrizol employees donated over 560 hours of their time, and in total Lubrizol donated over $70,000 in goods, and supplies to Hannah’s Home.

Some of these activities included:

Landscaping: Removed bushes, brush, trees, and overgrown landscaping. Installed new landscaping, lining garden beds, laid over 24 yards of mulch, trimmed bushes, planted flowers, and created new beds!

Playground: Created new playground space, removed sod and dirt to create safe space for children to play, installed new fencing for play space, and built play set, etc. for children to use.

Painting/Staining: Painted many rooms inside the home and the front porch. We stained the handicap ramp, exterior stairs, a play set, benches, chairs, and the back deck.

Drywall/Plumbing: Fixed shower plumbing from a leaking shower, cutout and installed new drywall, and corrected drywall damaged by flooding.

Flooring: Removed old carpeting, installed 1600 sq. ft. of new waterproof flooring and trim.

We encourage all Lubrizol employees around the world to get involved in whatever way they can to give back to their community. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and all those who will serve at other sites this year.


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Click on the collage to the right for a snapshot of the locations we have supported with volunteers from 2010 – 2023.   

Volunteer Drew Bihary painting trim and shake siding
Ryan Facchine and Dave Watson complete railing on front deck replacement
Completed front deck on the Mentor Marsh Nature Preserve building
Volunteers add plants and mulch to increase pollinators to Nature Preserve gardens.
Joe Schiciano and Pat Aquila work on replacing the awning on the front of the Nature Center building.
Front: Finished landscaping area. Back: Volunteer crews work to complete their tasks.
Troy Conant, Todd Getzy and Ryan Facchine work on railing to complete front deck.
Charlene Power and Johnnie Thomlison finish painting shed
Before and After at Mentor Marsh

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