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Lubrizol’s Apisolex Technology Voted Grand Winner of the 7th Annual Medicine Maker Innovation Awards

April 6, 2023

CLEVELAND, OH – Lubrizol Life Science (LLS) - Health, a leading pharmaceutical company, has won The Medicine Maker 2022 Innovation Award for its groundbreaking technology – Apisolex™ Polymer solubilizing excipient. The award recognizes LLS Health’s significant contribution to the pharmaceutical industry with its innovative solution that enhances the solubility of BCS class II and IV APIs by up to 50,000-fold allowing medications that would have suffered pipeline attrition to make it to market. 

Medicine Maker Innovation Award 2022 Winner

Apisolex solubilizing excipient is injectable grade and designed to work with simple formulation techniques, streamlining manufacturing, and minimizing API loss with a high encapsulation rate. The technology can be mixed with an aqueous-based solution, followed by sterile filtration and lyophilization to form micellar structures that encapsulate the API during lyophilization. The resulting formulation is stable and can be readily resuspended in common diluents for administration, reconstituting in less than 30 seconds in saline.

Joey Glassco, Senior Global Market Manager, Parenterals at LLS Health, expressed her gratitude for the recognition, saying, "We are honored for Apisolex solubilizing excipient to be recognized by readers of The Medicine Maker for this prestigious innovation award. My hope is that winning this award will allow drug formulators struggling with water-insoluble APIs to discover the polymer’s benefits so that more life-changing medications can make it to market."

The Medicine Maker Innovation Awards showcase new drug development and manufacturing technology that has been introduced to the market in 2022, and LLS Heath’s Apisolex solubilizing excipient stood out from a record number of nominations received. Readers and visitors to The Medicine Maker website voted for their favorite technology, and LLS Health emerged as the grand winner.

Gaurab Sengupta, Senior Global Business Director, Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals at LLS Health conveyed what this award means to LLS - Health saying, “This recognition highlights our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address critical challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. We've zeroed in on a clear unmet need in the solubility enhancement market for critical life-changing drugs. This award demonstrates we are on the right track, validating our efforts to ensure this product is successful.” 

We can look forward to learning more about this technology in a future issue of The Medicine Maker.

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