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Lubrizol’s 2023 Innovations Advanced Mobility, Improved Wellbeing and Enhanced Modern Life

December 6, 2023

CLEVELAND—Dec 6, 2023—For 95 years, Lubrizol has been synonymous with breakthrough scientific innovation, and 2023 was no exception. The company launched new products and extensions in 2023 aimed to help solve customer challenges as part of its purpose to leverage science to advance mobility, improve wellbeing and enhance modern life.

“Lubrizol has a relentless drive for innovation – both in the decisions we make today and the solutions we create for tomorrow,” said Lubrizol Chief Technology Officer Julie Edgar. “As a core pillar of our organization, innovation propels our purpose and creates opportunities for our customers and those they serve, and we’re proud of the new innovations and extensions introduced as part of our portfolio this year, several of which were recognized through leading award programs.” 

Among the company’s 2023 innovations and extensions:

Eco-friendly lubricant additives

Growing demand for lubricants with improved environmental properties has been driven by increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Lubrizol’s EcoAssurant™ portfolio meets that need through environmentally acceptable finished fluids, additive packages and components. The product family is designed to help industrial fluid and lubricant manufacturers accelerate the speed to bring environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) offerings to the market with confidence.

Enabling sustainable beauty products

Increasingly eco-conscious consumers and a rigorous regulatory environment are driving a shift to silicone-free beauty products. Lubrizol’s SilSense™ Bio 5 emollient is a sustainable silicone alternative, bringing unique sensory experience and proven performance to skin, hair, sun care and makeup applications. This innovation was recognized by the industry with the Makeup Bar Silver award at in-cosmetics® Global and Innovation Awards.

A preventive approach to aging

More than ever, younger consumers are looking for a science-based skin care that offers preventative solutions to slow the signs of aging. Argireline® YOUth peptide is an oil-soluble version of the well-known Argireline® peptide, thanks to the proprietary LipoClear™ inverse micelle delivery system. The active ingredient shows efficacy against the areas of greatest concern among young generations, helping to prevent the emergence of future expression wrinkles.

Advancing new beauty aesthetic trends

Today’s consumers are drawn to a new “phygital" beauty aesthetic that blends the physical and digital worlds, emphasizing facial sculpting by reshaping the face, raising the cheekbones and bringing increased attention to the eyes. Lubrizol’s sustainable Uplevity™ e-Lift peptide helps achieve this effect by mimicking the benefits of microcurrent devices on the skin for an upper face lifted appearance and reduced visibility of wrinkles. It is designed and produced according to the principles of green chemistry.

Carbopol® polymers continue to outperform in countless applications and categories

Carbopol® polymers have remained front and center for decades—and for good reason. Engineered with varying levels of crosslinking in powder or liquid emulsion form, they inspire boundless formulating opportunities that are both distinctive and functionally diverse. This high value application has been part of our portfolio for 60 years and continues to drive value with new formulations and uses, including Carbopol® polymers for nutraceuticals, which create  a convenient way to make  tablets smaller and easier to take, while delivering stable sustained release for consistent delivery of the nutraceutical actives and Carbopol® SC-800 polymer designed to thicken and stabilize challenging-to-thicken skin cleansing formulations, particularly mild amino acid surfactant systems and low pH systems, meeting a need in the Asia Pacific region.

Accelerating the development of life-saving solutions for patients

Lubrizol’s patented Apisolex™ Polymer solubilizing excipient was recognized with multiple awards this year, including the prestigious CPhI Finished Formulation Award and the Medicine Maker Award, for its ability to increase the solubility of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) by as much as 50,000-fold. To continue extending the impact of this solution, this year the company also licensed the Apisolex™ excipient to Welton Pharma to develop and commercialize a formulation to treat colorectal cancers,  the third most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. 

Increasing sustainability along the value chain

ESTANE® RNW TPU was developed to meet the growing sustainability requirements in a wide range of markets. It has the same reliable performance as traditional Estane TPU products, but with total or partial bio carbon attribution. This innovation boosts performance with a lower carbon footprint, providing manufacturers with high performance, quality aesthetics and durable products.

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The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a specialty chemical company whose science delivers sustainable solutions to advance mobility, improve wellbeing and enhance modern life. Founded in 1928, Lubrizol owns and operates more than 100 manufacturing facilities, sales and technical offices around the world and has more than 8,000 employees. For more information, visit

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