Oral Care

Dental Devices

Our TPU has been used in commercial applications such as clear dental aligners (also known as invisible braces), mouthguards, and orthodontic elastics as well as other oral devices. 
Denture care

Denture Care

In addition to our long history of product quality, safety, and effectiveness, LLS Health manufactures high performance polymers that have been used in numerous commercial denture care products, from denture cleansing dissolving tablets to adhesives. 
Mouth rinse

Mouth Rinse

LLS Health offers a variety of bioadhesive polymers for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic oral rinse applications. 


Initially used in aqueous toothpaste formulations as a thickener and co-binder, our polymers are now used in a variety of oral gel and paste formulations, including those with natural ingredients, whitening capabilities, and long-acting / retention properties.