Carbopol® Clear polymer

INCI Name: Carbomer

Carbopol® Clear polymer is a versatile, unique polymer created to provide exclusive wet styling textures. It is a crosslinked homopolymer of acrylic acid polymerized in a preferred cosolvent system. It has been optimally designed to provide outstanding performance in wet styling formulations. The ability to build high viscosity at lower polymer solids, extraordinary clarity and extremely fast dispersion times makes it exclusive for wet styling applications. The polymer has been especially fashioned to build distinctive textures by varying polymer concentration. It shows good compatibility and synergy with Fixate™ Polymers.


  • Broad compatibility with high performance styling polymers
  • Extremely fast and easy dispersion profile
  • Polymerized in an industry friendly solvent system
  • Very efficient viscosity builder at lower total solids
  • Vesatile polymer for rheology and styling contribution


  • Wet Styling Products

Primary Functions

  • Rheology Modifier
  • Suspending Agent