Lucant™ Hydrocarbon Synthetic Fluid

Lucant™ hydrocarbon synthetic fluid is a viscosity modifier intended for applications including automotive driveline and industrial lubricants, offering long service life, increased energy and fuel efficiency benefits.

Designed to deliver ""synthetic-like"" performance in formulations containing API Group II and Group III base oils, Lucant hydrocarbon synthetic fluid is soluble in all Group I, II, III and IV base stocks. Providing high thickening efficiency and low treat rates, the Lucant hydrocarbon synthetic range of performance polymers offer excellent low temperature fluidity and are extremely shear stable to resist viscosity loss during service.

Being both thermally and oxidatively stable, with a High Viscosity Index increase per treat rate, Lucant carbon synthetic fluid offers low “traction” or internal fluid friction under load. This translates to less heat build-up in the fluid and lower energy loss.

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