Driveline Fluids

Driveline fluids encompass applications ranging from axle lubricants to manual transmission fluids to various automatic transmission fluids, including stepped automatic, continuously variable and dual clutch – for both light duty passenger vehicles and heavy duty commercial trucks. Driveline applications challenge lubricants to perform in all conditions ranging from start-up on the coldest winter mornings to surviving the intense heat of having a loaded trailer across the desert in summer.

Lubrizol polymers bring significant performance benefits to even the most challenging of driveline lubricant demands.  Lubrizol’s polymer technologies for driveline applications deliver:

  • Extreme shear stability for lower viscosity loss in extended service 
  • High viscosity index (VI) for greater efficiency and high temperature protection 
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity for protection and efficiency during cold start-up 
  • Optimized for Group III base oil formulations 
  • Low traction or internal fluid friction under load for improved efficiency 
  • Robust oxidation and cleanliness performance to protect friction surfaces and seals

Contact your Lubrizol representative to learn more about Lubrizol polymer technologies for axle, transmission, and other driveline lubricants.