Turbine and Circulating Oil Additives

When it comes to turbines – gas, steam or combined cycle – and circulating oil systems, lubricants play the key role in high-performance operation. These systems must provide a great deal of power in often harsh environments. As a result, they require quality fluid packages that will provide the anti-wear, anti-corrosion and extreme pressure protection that will ensure optimum performance.

Lubrizol is a world leader in quality additives and packages for turbine and circulating oil systems. Our products are designed to provide peak system performance, with benefits that include:

  • Excellent demulsibility

  • Superior foam protection

  • Excellent rust protection

  • Low copper activity

  • Good oxidation stability

  • Superior wet and dry filterability

  • Outstanding hydrolytic stability

  • Excellent modified rotary bomb performance

  • Very good EP/anti-wear performance

  • Good seal compatibility

Lubricants for turbines and circulating oil systems can vary depending on the type of end use application:

Paper mill inudstry lubricants need to provide long-service life and maintain excellent thermal stability, demulsibility and rust protection. In addition, paper mills are prone to contaminants that can cause equipment to run less effectively. High-performance oil additives help combat the effects poor water shedding and contamination, keeping the equipment running smoothly. 

Lubrizol paper machine oil additives provide excellent overall performance. They are recommended for use in formulating oils for both wet and dry sections of paper machines and meeting key OEM specifications, including Voith VN-108.

In wet sections, Lubrizol oil additives provide excellent emulsibility for water shedding, and they are thermally stable for durability in paper machine drier sections.

The lubricating system of a turbine used to generate power – gas, steam or combined cycle – is the most vital component. Long-term operation depends on fluid cleanliness and the ability to combat corrosion. Debris or contaminants inside the system will impair the operation of the bearings, controls and other critical components. The degree of cleanliness required is increasing due to the sophisticated nature of control systems being used on newer turbines. Also rust preventive components used during shipping and storage can seriously degrade the performance of the turbine oil if not treated appropriately. 

Lubrizol offers a line of multi-functional turbine oil additive packages that provide long life to turbine equipment and systems. These products provide excellent demulsibility and superior foam and rust protection. In addition, Lubrizol oil additive packages offer extreme pressure protection and anti-wear properties to extend turbine life.

In demanding steel mill environments, equipment must withstand rigorous use and extremely high temperatures. As a result, hydraulic oils must be equally tough – able to provide thermal and oxidative stability and excellent rust protection.

Lubrizol offers a complete line of additives to meet these needs. Our portfolio includes products that meet MORGOIL, MORGOIL Advanced and Morgan No-Twist specifications that are critical to the circulating oil market.

Your customers’ lubricants will perform better – resisting oxidation and sludge formation, providing reliable water separation, and achieving excellent anti-wear properties. What’s more, Lubrizol backs all of our turbine and circulating oil additives with decades of formulating experience and proven field performance.

If you have questions or would like additional informaiton about Turbine and Circulating Oil additive products, please contact us at Industrial@lubrizol.com