ADEX Emulsifiers

Our PIBSA (polyisobutylene succinic anhydride)-based emulsifiers for explosives have over 25 years of proven performance in the industry. Explosives present a hazard when they become unstable during storage, and they are useless if they don't explode in the borehole. Both were common occurrences until Lubrizol introduced its PIBSA-based emulsifiers for explosives in the 1980s.

Explosives made with our emulsifiers are:

  • Stable for years in storage – this helps customers with inventory control and shipping
  • Reliable – emulsions made with our technology "shoot" when they are expected to, thus protecting workers and improving productivity on construction, mining and quarrying sites
  • Global – our security of supply means our customers can count on quality explosives wherever they are in the world

Our emulsifiers for explosives can be tailored to meet our customers’ blasting needs.

  • Our scientists and engineers consider the customer's process equipment and final product requirements when recommending an emulsifier
  • Our products are suitable for use in all types of process equipment such as jet and static mixers, or pin and colloid mills
  • We have a range of emulsifiers and we ensure that our recommendation will be compatible with the customer's raw materials
  • We have products for both packaged and bulk emulsion explosives, which can be sensitized with either micro-balloons or chemically-generated gas bubbles
  • We can provide a ready-to-use fuel phase, or a concentrated emulsifier, which can be diluted at the customer's plant

The Products

Emulsifiers: Our product line is quite versatile. We have a series of key building block emulsifiers that when used alone provide unique performance characteristics. Our customers also take advantage of the benefits of blending our emulsifiers. When blended with each other, or with Lubrizol's SMO, our product line can provide tailored solutions to our customer's blasting needs.

Cross-linkers: Our cross-linkers make the emulsion stiff or rubbery. The explosive will then harden and "lock" itself into a bore hole, fractured hole or up hole. This patented cross-linking technology provides solutions to severe loading conditions.

Oils: As the oil experts, we can make emulsions from virtually any oil the customer wants - from general to specialized. We also can give customers different variations of a product, depending on shipping or formulation needs.

Optimum Flexibility in Delivery

Our global, multi-plant capability offers optimum flexibility to our explosives customers, ensuring world-class service and batch-to-batch product consistency. Our ability to multi-source presents our customers with the opportunity to enjoy lower freight costs and more timely delivery, resulting in lower inventory and carrying costs. For many customers, our forward warehouses and bulk storage facilities offer the luxury of drawing product on an as-needed basis.

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