Expect Nothing Less

In 1935, Pocahontas Oil Company introduced its Solvenized Blue Flash gasoline, containing Lubrizol’s first fuel additive, Lubrizol Solvenized Concentrate, which effectively cleaned carbon out of engines. By the end of the first day of sales, lines of cars, blocks long in many cases, waited at Pocahontas gas stations to fill up with the new fuel.

Ever since, Lubrizol has taken great pride in offering leading-edge additive technologies that help our customers differentiate their brands and meet the challenging and dynamic demands of today’s engines, equipment, and resources. We offer a full range of gasoline, diesel, biofuel, and residual fuel additives that improve combustion, deposit control, flow, and friction. The results are optimal power, performance, engine and equipment life, fuel economy, and emissions.

Lubrizol is well known for providing high quality additive solutions. Our fuels additives are no exception – performing as intended with lab and field test data to prove it. This is data that marketers can use to support advertising claims. But in addition to our advanced line of additive products, we also maintain a great deal of industry knowledge and supporting services that can really help our customers succeed in their markets—which is increasingly important today. Expect nothing less from a partner in Lubrizol.