Home Heating Oil

Home Heating Oil

Expect Differentiatied Home Heating Oil

Home heating oils formulated and optimized with Lubrizol additives can be marketed as premium domestic heating oils, inviting consumers to reduce their overall costs and experience several additional benefits including:

Improved Stability
Because home heating oil tanks are often filled just once a season, fuel may sit for some time before it’s consumed. Poor stability can have negative effects that lead to sludge in the storage tanks. Lubrizol additives deliver long-term stability, so the fuel you deliver in spring will be ready for your customers next winter.

Corrosion Inhibition
Fuel systems over time can corrode and result in expensive equipment repairs for consumers. Lubrizol additives effectively fight corrosion and reduce maintenance needs. An anti-rust ingredient protects tanks, fuel lines, pumps, and other equipment.

Deposit Control
Deposit build-ups lead to reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs. Dispersants keep burner nozzles and equipment clean and functioning as intended. Clean injectors offer better combustion and decreased fuel consumption.

Lubrizol additives restore and maintain system cleanliness for “like new” equipment combustion efficiency, fuel economy, and emissions. Delivering these benefits to your customers allows you to market a truly differentiated product that helps you meet your marketing goals. Expect nothing less from a partner in Lubrizol.

For more information, please contact your local sales representative or email us at home-heating@lubrizol.com.