Water Treatment

Carbosperse™ K-700 water treatment polymers are deposit control agents sold to water treatment service companies for use as formulation components for water treatment (e.g., cooling, boiler) programs.  Carbosperse K-700 polymers are also used in a variety of industrial applications, including paint and coatings, textile, and agricultural formulations.

  • Carbosperse K-700 polymers include solvent and water polymerized polyacrylates, polymethacrylates, acrylate copolymers, and acrylate terpolymers.
  • Carbosperse K-700 polymers are multi-functional anionic polyelectrolytes that disperse particulates (e.g., silt, clay, iron oxide, pigments), and inhibit scale formation (e.g., calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium oxalate, barium sulfate, calcium phosphate, calcium phosphonate) over a broad pH range, and sequester di- and trivalent cations (e.g., calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, zinc).
  • Used around the world, Carbosperse K-700 polymers have earned a reputation for high quality, consistency, stability, formulating flexibility, high total and active solids, and narrow molecular weight distributions