Lubrizol Employees Working Together

Employee Resource Groups

Lubrizol's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-driven organizations that raise awareness and greater connectedness. These groups are a crucial part of our inclusion strategy because they provide diverse insights and encourage all employees to be a spokesperson for diversity issues that are not necessarily their own. Our ERGs create a powerful voice by uniting different diversity dimensions for greater employee engagement.

Here is a brief overview of each our Employee Resource Groups:

African American Resource Group (AARG):

The African American Resource Group is committed to supporting the goals and objectives of Lubrizol.  Our focus is to educate, recruit and retain diverse talent through our professional development programs and culturally rich activities.

Asia Pacific Resource Group (APRG):

The Asia Pacific Resource Group is dedicated to supporting the business of Lubrizol and its outreach to our communities through education, service and insight into the rich and varied culture of the Asia Pacific region.

Group of Aspiring Lubrizol Leaders (GOALL):

The Group of Aspiring Lubrizol Leaders is dedicated to supporting the business of Lubrizol by providing a platform for individuals to develop professionally, learn skills or tools outside of their current job scope, expose people to new aspects of the business and engage with fellow employees and the community.

Latin American Network (LANet)

The Latin American Network’s mission it to recognize, connect and create opportunities to contribute to the success of our global company through professional development, cultural awareness and community engagement.

Lubrizol Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender+ (L2GBT+)

The L2GBT+ is dedicated to recognizing, connecting and supporting the Lubrizol LGBT community and contributing to the global success of our company through cultural awareness, talent acquisition, talent integration and community involvement.

Military Veterans Network (MILVETS)

The Military Veterans Network is committed to being an essential ingredient in Lubrizol’s success through recognizing, connecting and supporting Lubrizol’s military community.


The Sustainability group will partner with Lubrizol’s corporate sustainability department to achieve global goals at the local level in focus areas that align with the corporate strategic plan.

Women in Lubrizol Leadership (WILL)

Women in Lubrizol Leadership will increase business performance by accelerating the professional development of leaders through an engaged and gender-balanced global network.