CEO Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is all about state of mind. A confident, open and curious mind welcomes differences in people, opinions and approaches. It is intentional and purposeful in challenging its own potential blind spots. And it creates an inclusive environment that invites everyone to participate in the overall success of the company. – Eric Schnur, Lubrizol President and CEO.

Letter to Employees on Racism and Prejudice

"We all have a responsibility to condemn racism and prejudice. We must truly listen to those who do not see equal opportunity, to those who live with a fear of being different and to those who want to share more fully in our success but are frustrated…and we must do something about it. This is the start of more impactful conversations within our company, The Lubrizol Corporation, and more impactful actions to achieve a truly just and equal society." Read CEO Eric Schnur's Full Letter on LinkedIn

Eric Schnur

D&I Collaborators


Lubrizol Limited UK Gender Pay Gap Report(2018)