Water Consumption and Safety

For years, Lubrizol facilities have been reducing their water use through a variety of purposeful activities, including recycling hot steam condensate water and optimizing heating water circuits.

See our 2020 Responsible Care® Awards on water reduction and energy efficiency.

To further protect water resources, Lubrizol will conduct water risk assessments at all Lubrizol manufacturing sites in 2021, repeating this process bi-annually to determine opportunities for additional improvements. The company also will sponsor annual waterbody restoration activities or clean-up activities in its local communities.

As part of its handprint, Lubrizol science is helping reduce water use across a variety of industries. In its homecare business, a Lubrizol biodegradable polymer helps laundry powder manufacturers reduce their operations’ water usage in processing, while also saving energy. The sustainability benefits of this ingredient also extend to the end consumer because detergent is formulated to maintain high performance even when washing clothes in cold water. Lubrizol chemistry is also used in easy-to-install plumbing systems that deliver safe, clean drinking water throughout the world.

Bi-Annual Water Risk Assessments at all sites

Within Our Walls

Protecting our waterways
Reducing and recapturing
Requiring less water in manufacturing of formulations

UN Goal-12 Responsible Consumption and Production UN Goal-14 Life Below Water