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Lifecycle Thinking

Backed by science, Lubrizol creates products that contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet, aligning with our mission to improve lives. Through our product stewardship and customer engagement efforts, we take a lifecycle approach to assess our products and enhance the positive impacts they can have on the planet and in people’s everyday lives.  

Products That Drive Positive Lifecycle Impacts

Since the early 2000s, we have used a mix of internal resources and external consultants to conduct lifecycle assessments for our products. While those assessments were highly reliable, we have continued to enhance our organizational efficiency and capacity to meet the lifecycle assessment needs of our increasingly aggressive sustainability agenda.

In 2019, we enhanced our life-cycle assessment resources and built our organization’s capacity by investing in a combination of leading-edge software and dedicated staff. Our lifecycle approach is intended to be broad, bringing lifecycle thinking to everything we do. In a matter of months, we have been able to conduct assessments of several raw materials, intermediates and finished products. With this assessment database, we have started to create an inventory of climate change values for a number of our materials, which can be used in what-if analyses to determine what adjustments or alternatives we could implement to improve our product’s environmental footprint while continuing to meet a customer’s performance expectations.

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consumers use at least one product with Lubrizol technology

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vehicles on the planet rely on Lubrizol technology

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Produce products safely and efficiently to minimize our carbon footprint and  preserve natural resources

Case Studies

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