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Lubrizol Rouen to Resume Partial Operations – Dec. 13, 2019

We are pleased to have received approval for a partial restart of our operations in Rouen. As we have stated, 90% of our site was not impacted by the fire, though we have stood idle since September 26. Resuming partial operations through a safe and secure phased approach ensures the livelihood of thousands of direct and indirect employees, families, customers and suppliers who depend on our work in Rouen, all of whom have already sustained considerable impact.

All restart operations will be completed with the utmost safely and securely in conjunction with local authorities. You can learn more about safety and security enhancements in this recent video update.

In the weeks following the fire, our commitment to the Rouen community and the region has never faltered. We established Solidarity Funds to support farmers, businesses and the community. We’ve committed to environmental testing and to supporting the attractiveness of the region. And, of course, we supported our employees in Rouen.

We recognize we have continued work to restore community trust. We look forward to continued work with the local authorities and support to the local community as we return to safe operations in Rouen.

– Frédéric Henry, President, Lubrizol France