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11/13/19 — Farmers Begin to Receive Financial Support from Lubrizol.

11/13/19 — Lubrizol employees show France 3 TV the 90% of the Rouen site untouched by the fire and their considerations for a restart.

11/12/19 — Our work in Rouen provides 600+ direct jobs and nearly 2,200 jobs when accounting for indirect jobs. With the permission of authorities, we will seek to resume operations through a safe and secure phased approach starting with the most basic blending operations.

10/25/19 — This week, Lubrizol firmed its commitments to farmers, businesses and communities impacted by the Rouen fire.

10/25/19 — Learn more about the makeup of the Lubrizol materials impacted by the Rouen fire and how they compare to products consumers use regularly..

10/22/19 — Lubrizol President and CEO Eric Schnur appeared before the French National Assembly and the French Senate. Read Eric's opening remarks to the Senate.  (en français)

Message from Lubrizol CEO Eric Schnur

On September 26, a fire of unknown origin impacted our production facility in Rouen, France. Our entire company is deeply saddened by the fire and is very sorry for the impact and concern it has caused. We sincerely thank our emergency response team, the fire brigade and first responders for their immediate response. In the moments following the fire and ever since, we’ve had both local and global team members dedicated to support in Rouen.

Let me affirm that:

We want to help. We have been a part of the Rouen community for more than 60 years. The citizens of Rouen are our neighbors and our friends, and we want to support them, the surrounding communities and the residents of these communities. Over the past few weeks, we have been working with local and national officials, as well as community groups, to understand where we can provide the most impactful support immediately, as well as additional assistance over time. On October 25, Lubrizol signed agreements that provide defined support to farmers, businesses and communities impacted by the Rouen fire. Learn more.

We want to address questions and concerns. We are ready and willing to share information and updates as we have them. See my recent remarks to the French Senate here. We also plan to update this Lubrizol website regularly as new information is available.

We are confident that there are no health threats from any of our Lubrizol material burned in the fire.  I apologize for the smoke irritation that resulted from the fire. The smoke resulting from impacted Lubrizol materials is similar to the smoke that would be emitted from other common fires. Our products are mainly comprised of organic materials, largely carbon and hydrogen. Beyond the smoke, we have reviewed all of our materials that were involved in the fire, and we would not expect any health risks as a result of this incident. Initial testing supports this, and we are supporting additional testing and monitoring to alleviate public concerns.

The Lubrizol family extends our thoughts to our colleagues, neighbors and friends as we work with officials to help Rouen and the surrounding community recover.

Eric Schnur
Chairman, President & CEO


Lubrizol Rouen Environmental Infographic

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