Energy and Water Management in Mind

Vadodara, India

Since February 2014, Lubrizol's site at Vadodara has been using treated waste water from the Effluent Treatment Plant for watering the lawn and the trees. Before then, fresh water from the tube-well had been used. This simple measure has led to a reduction of fresh water consumption of 30.000 liters per day. Employees at Vadodara have even noticed that the grass looks greener since the switch!

The site has made adjustments in the valve positions of the thermic fluid circuit so that both the Multi-purpose plant (MPP) and the Gum plant are now served by only one circulation pump. This has caused the booster pump (installed at the MPP) to be rendered as a spare pump. Approximately 1 year has lapsed and this arrangement is working quite well. The electricity savings of this simple change amount to USD 0.035 per kilo of cationic gum.

Vadodara is also evaluating the feasibility of utilizing the vent gas of the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen generator as oxygen source to the aerobic treatment in the Effluent Treatment Plant. The vent from the PSA Nitrogen generator is rich in oxygen (approx. 31%). Also being evaluated is the utilization of the vent gas of the heatless air dryer (air) for the aerobic treatment in the Effluent Treatment Plant. The estimated electricity savings of this move will represent savings of USD 2700 per year.