100% mother & 100% woman. Choose being a WOW MOM.

  • Masters of multitasking, experts in organization and harmony.
  • Real time balancers, who need the best combination of powerful and effective ingredients to care for their skin in the most efficient way.
  • A selection of four complete formulations for busy mothers who have little time to take care of themselves.
  • Each formulation brings together the sensorial benefits of a surprising texture and an appealing visual with the claimed performance of high-tech active ingredients.
Rinse Off

Rinse off Moisturizing Radiant Facial Serum

Prepare your skin for another active day full of meetings, errands and traffic jam. Apply in the morning a few drops of this serum on wet or dry skin and gently rinse off the excess for a healthy radiant look.
Sleeping Beauty

Super Protective Face Mousse SPF 10

Looking for a solution to recover from sleepless nights? Use this refreshing mousse for extra care and protection from environmental pollution.

Reviving Evening Facial Gel-Cream

Overwhelmed by crazy schedules, but still willing to find time to refuel your skin at the end of the day? This evening gel-cream is the solution to recover from a long day for a fresh look the next morning.

Cold Firming Body Night Cream

Never find enough time to go to the gym? Maintain a toned and defined figure despite a busy timetable by using this massage lotion with a cooling effect before going to sleep.